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First City: 2,000-ton City (1971)

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No Stop City A Climatic Universal City (1970)

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Nouakchott, Mauritania - Fotografía: Steve McCurry

[National Geographic, Agosto 1987

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Office KGDVS

New Administrative Capital, South Korea (2005)

Raoul Bunschoten / CHORA

Black Sea: Bucharest Stepping Stones (1996)

Raoul Bunschoten / CHORA

Liminal Bodies

WAI Architecture Think Tank

Battle of the megastructures - New Babylon as the Southdale Center


No-Stop City (1969)


No-Stop City (1969)

The plans for Archizoom ’s 1969 No-Stop City were typed out on a typewriter. The plan emerged from limitations of typesetting: leading, tabs, indentation, and spacing. Appropriately enough, the project conceived as architectureless architecture is represented with a planless plan. Operating more like graph paper, the plan was seductively incomplete and awaiting occupation.

John Hejduk

Victims (1986)